Josiah V. Gurney Estate Josiah V. Gurney Estate Map of J.V. Gurney properties. 167896470 Scott and Wayne discuss the structure of the home. 167896468 Area of basement where Psychic Medium Dawn Carr. sensed a portal. 167896469 Dawn relates that footsteps are often heard going up and down these cellar stairs. 167896472 EMF detectors flashed constantly in one specific area of the kitchen. 167896474 Ms. Carr asked many questions.... and the detectors seemed to respond. 167896471 Old objects, an antique key and a pair of dance tickets were found in the home by the tenants. 167896473 Ms.Carr, while standing on an old black and white checkered floor, speaks of an elderly gentleman in spirit. 167896476 Entrance to attic where an antique key suddenly appeared on the floor. 167896886 Cameraman "Other Wayne" records Dawn Carr as tenants Lisa and Scott look on. 167896475 General area where small, antique key was found. 167896477 Area in the attic where Ms. Carr felt the presence of two young girls in frilly, Victorian clothing. 167896885 Garage where a few vintage items were stored. 167896883 Old mirror found in garage. One of the items left behind by former tenants. 167896884 Vintage rocking chair which Dawn explained could retain energy. 167896890 Antique sewing machine. 167896887 Summer evening, August 29, 2012 167896888 Exterior of home on South Ave. 167896889 238 South Ave. Whitman, Ma. 167896467